Unparalell experiences in the Hotel Dzsungel

Dear Visitor, Dear Guest!


Unparalleled experience for our dear guests who choose to stay in Hotel Dzsungel in Sóstógyógyfürdő, near Nyíregyháza.

Our Hotel is located in the area of the Nyíregyháza Zoo. Five thousand smaller and larger “companions” live in the immediate neighbourhood of the Hotel, so it is not a legend that birdsong and our sea lions or elephants provide the “wake-up call”...

During the years, we have made our Hotel comfortable, and, as a result, we have met the new, very strict standards of the Hungarian Hotel Association and received two-star rating.

And, of course, our Hotel’s guests can enter the Zoo free of charges!







Prices and rooms

If you dont find a free room in your requested time please take the contact with us. Hotel’s guests can enter the Zoo free of charge.

Distinct period of 2018:

You can make reservation least 2 night in the distinct period.

Method of payment:

Open throughout the year, with unchanged 24-hour opening.

Contidions of cancellation:

Please confirm your booking a week before your arrival.

You will be welcome!

Our prices includes VAT. The price is subject to change.



Tourist Zoo

Tourist Zoo:

The tourist hotel of the Sóstó Zoo is located next to Hotel Dzsungel. 3 rooms with 8 beds and 2 rooms with 10 beds are available. All the rooms are equipped with a bathroom and a television. Our tourist hotel is ideal for the participants of class excursions.

Our Tourist Zoo prices:

For guests on a class excursion: / over 20 people, accommodation without program /: HUF 4,000 / person / night

During the school holidays, we can provide Tourist Zoo accommodation in our 2, 4, 8 and 10-bed rooms for families individually.

Room rate for individual guests and families:

2-bed (double) room for 2 persons: HUF 6,500 / person / night.

4, 8 and 10-bed rooms for 3 or 4 persons: HUF 6,500 / person / night.

8 and 10-bed rooms for 5 to 10 persons: HUF 5,500 / person / night.

Tourist tax over 18 years of age: HUF 400 / person / night.

For our individual guests, mandatory buffet breakfast is provided free of charge for children under 4 years of age, and for HUF 1,200 / person / day for children over 4 years of age and for adults. The breakfast’s price is not included in the room rate.

The room rate includes free entry into the Nyíregyháza Zoo.


For groups of children, we provide catering on request.

The price of the catering is not included in the room rate.

From late spring to the end of summer, we wait for individual and group reservations.


4431 Nyíregyháza - Sóstógyógyfürdő,
Blaha Lujza sétány 15.

+36 (42) 479 710
+36 (20) 362 6717


Opening hours:
The Hotel is open every day of the year.



Hotel Dzsungel
4431 Sóstógyógyfürdő, Blaha L. stny 41


+36 42-479-710
+36 20-362-6717

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